thrift-store-featuredThere are indeed several reasons why people thrift shop, lately it has been proven that fashion indeed recycles as we have seen 70’s, 80’s and 90’s trend flooding the street, to get a unique and vintage piece thrift stores can solve that problem. Another reason is not to be wasteful, a lot of us have minimal budgets that don’t include having to spend so much money on clothes and accessories and we want that trending piece then its best you go thrift shopping cause you might find that piece there. To find designer bags or shoes that wouldn’t cost you your entire months budget then go thrift shopping because thrift stores provide designer goods that ave been fairly used.

How do you pick out the best second hand item in thrift stores? When you are thrift shopping, remember to pay attention to details, don’t go for over used or worn out pieces, if you check the items you pick out properly you can tell those ones that have been worn only once and then you can get a good bargain for it.

The best items to buy at the thrift stores are the basics like blouses, pencil skirts etc. But here are some items you thought to get brand new but you can totally get at the thrift stores (Second hand/Fairly used Store)

Wedding Gown: Wedding gowns are bought with the hope of wearing them once, so there is some sort of dedication to used wedding gowns for those who want a really good piece but can’t find or don’t have the funds to cover one.

Lightly used Shoes: You didn’t have money when that lovely design came out, chances are you would find one in a thrift store one month or two months later that have been fairly used. Also people tend to buy things they can’t wear or feel pretty uncomfortable in therefore somebody’s shoe mistake can be your shoe find.

Blazers/Jackets: This are great second hand find literally because of the fabrics they are made in, so they rarely look worn and used. You can get really unique designs and cuts at a thrift store.

Designer Handbags: The wear and tear of a bags, shoes and jewelries are not as apparent as clothing’s, so the availability of a designer bag would still be a good investment as you can carry on using for a while

Slips: There are a lot of luxurious slips that even when you save enough money, something more beautiful and most likely more expensive would pop up and there is nothing as luxurious as slipping into something surreal. so thrift stores offers choices just be sure to pay close attention.

Belts: Belts are under appreciated in thrift stores as you can simple just get a new one because they aren’t expensive, but did you know that thrift stores offers more brands and variety, you might come across a gorgeous belt you could’t buy because they were out of stock, you can also get vintage pieces.

So lovelies don’t limit yourself to the brand new only ideology, get to your nearest thrift store or check out online second hand stores.


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