2shod22oc3mzlcfacbuxnapl3hd5ue2pw8bjuzmna5yl5sycyqxupo5nlptk9uml7nkrb4y5flwq6fnfnki5zscoxaunbfkcxk51jdlcfsd7hjmbt9iar21onkmw0cxiu-e1436301601915If you have seen the movie “Why Did I get married” by Tyler Perry, then the face should not be strange. Michael Jai White is a married man again.

The hunk tied the knot with actress, Gillian Waters, in a lavish wedding ceremony in Thailand surrounded by their children, family and close friends.

Gillian, the bride, was stunning in a custom gown by Milan Bangkok, a 10-carat engagement ring with a diamond and platinum band while her husband, Michael, was handsome in all white.Their wedding ceremony featured fireworks, elephant parade, belly dancers, drone airplanes and a lavish dinner reception.

Afterwards, the happy bride, Gillian, posted pictures with the caption:michael-gillian-wedding-2

“There are no words for how beautiful and magical our Thailand river front evening wedding was…from a parade of exotic Thai dancers, Thai drummers, elephants….traditional Thai wedding gown that I designed, Thai water blessing ceremony, amazing food, our first dance to our favorite love song ending with fireworks in the night sky over the river on this warm summer night…I am so blessed to have had the most amazing wedding and even more blessed to be married to the most perfect man EVER….to have our children witness this Union was so wonderful…we all will have the memory of this experience forever! I have never been happier! #WhiteWedding2015 #Thailand #MichaelJaiWhite #GillianWaters#CallMeMrsWhite

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