Willow-Smith-Marc-Jacobs-Ad-FallMarc Jacobs has announced on Instagram that none other than Willow Smith will star in the brand’s Fall 2015 ads alongside Cher!

A campaign photo released yesterday afternoon shows Will Smith‘s 14-year-old daughter (yes, she was born in 2000!) posing against a deep red backdrop, dressed in leather gloves, a voluminous skirt, and lace-up block heels. Jacobs captioned the photo with a lengthy explanation about the brand’s decision to feature Smith in the upcoming campaign.

The news comes several days after Cher was announced as face of the upcoming fall/winter campaign.

Although it’s not unusual for Marc Jacobs campaigns to tap actors and musicians, up until now most of the brand’s faces have had strong affiliations with the fashion industry, and in the past have included Victoria Beckham, Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus, and Kate Moss.

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