landscape-1432223130-flower-1024x768Every girl want’s breasts but what do you do when you start wearing a DD cup by age 13? On her blog, Kadia Blagrove tells of how much she loves her breast but then again how much discomfort it caused her over the years.

I love my body. I believe my body is a magnificent work of art — a canvas painted brown, stroked with curves, accented with dimples and decorated with stretch marks”


These days, I can barely stand for longer than 40 minutes because of the pressure my bust puts on my back. I’ve tried every other way to relieve the pain: exercise (which is nearly difficult when you have God given weights attached to your chest), weight loss ( I got down to a size 8 but my large boobs were invincible), and “better” bras which were basically teflon vests. I am now ready to take the advice my doctors have been giving me for years — a reduction.

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