When it comes to applying make up, lipstick is usually our favourite part. We love to mix and match a myriad of shades to create our perfect hue, whether we’re going for neutrals or a bold lip. Unless we’re allergic to a specific chemical, we don’t really put much thought into what our lipstick contains in terms of ingredients.


This proved to be extremely problematic for one woman, who was left having to go to the Emergency Room after using a lipstick from US brand, Covergirl, which left her bottom lip swollen.


Posting images to her Facebook page, Lily Cleopatra Maurice documented the drastic effect the way her lips reacted to the lipstick. She described the incident as a “fatal lipstick reaction” that left her finding it hard to breathe.

She asked users to share her experiences so that no-one faces a similar reaction. Although the lipstick reaction is a very rare condition, some users were left worried with the contents and chemicals in their beauty products.

Cosmetic chemist, Kelly Dobos, helped shed some light on the case, when speaking to NewBeauty, she explained”the ingredients in Covergirl’s Queen lipstick are all fairly common and safe ingredients used in cosmetics. Most often, fragrance is the source of an allergic reaction.” 13124617_1165192306845547_1341206549784870651_n

She continued, “it’s important to know that allergic reactions are often specific to the individual. What may be an allergen for one person can be totally harmless for another, so this may be a unique case.”

If in doubt, it’s important to look out for warning signs of an allergic reaction, any itchiness or tingling could be the sign of a reaction – so be aware peeps.

Thankfully Lily’s lips have returned to normal, and hopefully this will be the last case we see related to such a reaction.


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