Having faith is the hardest thing to do in the face of challenges, but for this woman, who has been trying to conceive for 15 years, she had no choice but to exercise her faith.

What is astonishing is the step she took in exercising her faith!


A twitter user shared her story,

I just remembered something. it might inspire someone here. December 2015 I was live streaming shiloh & a woman came up to share a testimony

she has been married for 15 years, no child. she hasnt even conceived for once in those 15 years,let alone have miscarriage.

miraculously, she got introduced to the ministry of bishop oyedepo and that is when it got interesting.

one day she heard him teach on the laws of faith and she decided to take the most crazy step of faith one could ever imagine.

She bought a tummy tub [baby’s bathing bucket] and EVERYDAY she would wake up,walk into the bathroom and act like she is bathing her baby!


EVERYDAY for 11 months fam!. and while doing that she will make utterances like “sorry ‘ayo'[she gave him a name],dont cry,mummy loves you’.

She said sometimes while doing that her husband will walk in on her,and tears will jst roll down his face. but she never got discouraged

This went on for 11 months…then one day…she feel sick…took drugs but this ‘malaria’wont go away!. Reluctantly,she went to the hospital

They took blood and urine sample. Few hours later, Doctor came with results ‘Madam,you are pregnant’. “Not possible’ she retorted’

She said, i saw my period ended just 3 days ago. how can i be pregnant?. He said ‘madam, you are four months pregnant!.

ladies and gentlemen, this lady shared this testimony carrying her ayo…and ayomide!. Yes, she gave birth to twins!



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