bumFirst there was contouring, then waist training and now fans of Kim Kardashian are turning to ‘butt lift’ procedures to emulate their curvaceous idol.

Women who want to copy Kim’s figure are trying a new procedure that sees them having the fat in their upper thighs and lower backs frozen to get the reality star’s ‘side bum’ profile.

The fat-freezing treatment destroys fat cells on the upper thighs below the buttocks and at the base of the back to create a more prominent-looking bottom. 29B2378500000578-3127762-image-m-6_1434532082009

The treatment which is called the Lipoglaze Butt Lift and has been pioneered by a Harley Street clinic, consists of two separate 45-minute session which freeze fat cells.

The first focuses on the top of the thighs under the buttocks and the second is aimed at the bottom of the back and the tops of the hips.

The combined effect is to contour the body to have a much more pronounced bottom with a ‘shelf’ like the shape of Kim Kardashian’s figure.

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UK Daily Mail

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