Zahra Buhari has received customized LV boxes from the Indimi family. 

According to insiders, Zahra Buhari’s ‘LAIFE’ arrived Aso Rock ahead Of Wedding To Ahmed Indimi . In the Northern culture, Laife are the boxes the groom’s family buys for the Bride before she moves in, The grooms family fill it up with Diamonds, gold, designer shoes, bags, super wax, holland, laces, perfumes, designer underwears, cosmetics, jeans, tops etc.

The Louis Vuitton boxes which totaled 30 in number were customized with initials “ZBI” Zahra Buhari Indimi. They allegedly cost about one hundred and twenty thousand pounds are said to have been delivered to Zahra in 30 exotic cars .  A typical Hausa man can do between 1 to 50 boxes depending on how RICH and capable he is.


The groom,handsome Ahmed Indimi,the Marketing Director of Oriental Energy Resources has never been married but has had an engagement called off before.


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