Making trips to the gym may be tedious, heading for a swim may be hard as the chlorine in the pool may cause discomfort, and Zumba classes can get too repetitive, but walking one’s way to achieve good health can never be difficult nor does it go out of fashion! Walking has more benefits than we could count and thankfully, it doesn’t need any sophisticated gear or training. If you think walking is not a great idea, let me tell you about the 10 positive changes that will happen in your body if you walk every day. Read on to know more!

1. Positive Changes In The Brain

Walking can not just benefit one’s heart, muscles, and weight, but also the brain. While walking, the pressure on the feet can send pressure waves that transmit through the arterial system and improve the blood flow to the brain . It is also being concluded that walking can bring down the risk of Alzheimer’s and early onset dementia. Walking can also be beneficial in combatting stress as the level of endorphins increases when we walk.

2. Better Vision

Experts suggest that walking or any form of exercise (when done regularly) can reduce the chances of having macular degeneration issues . Such issues are generally age-related and the light-sensitive cells in the eye stop functioning, which may cause severe vision loss after the age of 60.

3. A Healthy Heart

Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise. Exercise leads to an increase in one’s heart rate, better blood circulation, and boosts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the organs, says WebMD. Walking also brings down the cholesterol levels, thus keeping the heart healthy .

4. Healthier Lungs

Walking is a wonderful, easy, and fuss-free form of aerobic exercise. It is a great way to boost the oxygen levels in the bloodstream and get rid of toxins. Owing to the good amount of oxygen flowing through the body, many of the lung-related issues can be kept at bay.

5. Highly Beneficial To The Pancreas

Walking can be a great form of exercise to maintain healthy blood sugar levels or, in other words, to avoid diabetes. According to experts, despite walking being a very basic form of exercise, it is very effective in bringing down one’s glucose levels. Walking can also be very beneficial in bringing down stubborn sugar levels that remain high because of stress or even a mild fever or cold. If one is on insulin and is still finding it hard to bring down their sugar levels, walking can be a huge respite.

6. Better Digestion

7. Toned Muscles

Walking can work great to tone one’s muscles as well as for losing weight. Since it is a low impact activity, one doesn’t need recovery time, nor does one need to take breaks because of soreness in the muscles. Intensive workouts can be tough on the muscles, and they can get difficult as the sore feeling in the muscles can be an impediment to your pace.

8. Stronger Bones And Joints

Walking regularly is a great way to ensure that the joints are in good shape. It reduces the risk of having a fracture or a reduction in bone mass. Charles Pelitera, assistant professor of kinesiology and coordinator of health and wellness at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY talks about the significance of waking in making the bones stronger. He says that if people walk regularly, that would make their bones stronger and better. Some forms of walking such as sidestepping and walking backwards are also known to improve bone density.

9. Better Back

Walking is a low impact yet effective workout. It is very beneficial for people who battle with back pain. They can safely rely on walking to meet their exercise needs.

10. Calmer Mind

According to studies published in the Annals of Behavioural Medicine, university students who walked every day or did some exercise experienced lower stress levels compared to those who did not exercise. It is hypothesized that walking gives one time to think and time to divert one’s mind. Hence, this would significantly help to de-stress, calm, and relax one’s mind .

A simple and fuss-free exercise like walking has so many benefits and can transform one’s body in such wonderful ways, isn’t it? Now that you know of the benefits of walking, put on your walking gear and head out for a walk in the open. I am sure you will walk away from diseases and walk on the path to a toned body, positive frame of mind, and overall well-being!




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