landscape-1432321317-waterSince ages old water has been the conduit for miracles. Pilgrimages are made by millions each year to bathe in the holy waters of the River Ganges, and crowds of people visit the healing waters at Lourdes. A less religious bunch was recently wowed by the seeming miracle that water conducted on the face of 42 year old British woman, Sarah Smith. It seemed to take ten years off her face!

The theory:

There are a few different reasons water could be found to have an impact on the way we look. The basic one is that water keeps us well hydrated.  Drinking water can flush out our bodies of any toxins hanging around – notorious for impacting the way we process beautifying minerals and nourishment. Water is also key for generating new cells – so keeping our bodies topped up will lead to new cell for our skin and hair (new cells = gorgeousness). A bit of research reveals that our bodies are 80% water – EIGHTY PER CENT?! WHAT? How are we not just puddles with eyes and mouths? It seems to make sense that if we replenish our water stores with a fresh abundance of water our bodies are going to love it.

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