1mansur_3013087aUnless you’re an avid follower of fashion, you probably haven’t heard of Mansur Gavriel. 56,732 people have tried to buy Mansur Gavriel’s sell-out signature bucket bag since the start of 2015, making it likely the world’s most in-demand handbag.mansur2_2649490a

Founded in 2012, the New York-based label is the namesake of Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel. The duo, who both have design degrees, met at a The XX concert in 2010 and quickly discovered they shared a dream to develop a brand from the ground up. A star was born; the bag quickly sold out everywhere it was stocked, becoming something of a elusive cult item – an impressive feat for a product without a major fashion house attached to it.

mansur-2_3314657aThe demand is so high that for every one Mansur Gavriel bucket bag that becomes available on the site, 288 people try to buy it. But what makes its appeal so strong? The price is certainly something to do with it. In a market where a similarly-sized bag by Gucci will cost you upwards of £1,500, £395 is practically a steal for something that provides a similarly hefty amount of sartorial clout.


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