queenTen years old might seem a little young to be posting glamour queen snaps on social media, but one young girl from Ukraine has plenty to show off about. 
Anna Klimovets, from Lutsk, was crowned Little Miss World 2015 and celebrated with a flurry of social media posts, including one clip in which she declared: ‘I’m beautiful, charming and intelligent.’

The schoolgirl shared the good news about the pageant, which took place in Bodrum, Turkey, via her page on Russian social media network VKontakte.29144F3800000578-3097358-Soon_after_she_posted_a_video_showing_her_admiring_herself_in_a_-a-3_1432648007705

Anna, caught the judges’ eye with her bubbly personality and modelling skills. The Ukrainian girl shared her glory with Mr World Junior, Arseny Magega, who also is Ukrainian, from Ternopil. The judgment for the international children’s beauty contest took place over the course of ten days. Contestants were judged over a range of disciplines, mirroring the real Miss World beauty pageant. The girls were judged dressed in their national costumes and in the images of historical or mythical figures. They were also dressed for a night out, and in a sporty style, before the fashion show becoming more of a traditional talent contest.

2914545700000578-3097358-Anna_showing_her_love_for_nature-a-4_1432648016031The contest is held among children aged from five to 14 years and the competition was being held this year for the 23rd time. 

UK Daily Mail 

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